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20th August
Leaving Denmark
23rd August
Arriving at the Faroes
Leaving the Faroes
14-19 Aug - Drive to Denmark
23 Aug - Faroes
25-28th August
Arriving in Iceland
25/28 Aug - Iceland
14-19th August
Driving France to Denmark

We’ve spent the last three years away from our house in Suffolk in the UK, wandering through Scotland and France and lots of Morocco in our Unimog camper called Moglet, mostly detailed on and

On 14th August 2011 we left central France to travel 2000km north to Hirtshals in Denmark, with a ferry booked for the 20th to Iceland, via the Faroe Islands.

29-30th August
First Icelandic wildcamp!
29/30 Aug - Snaefell
14-19 Aug - Drive to Denmark
31st August
Track from Snaefell
Halslon Dam
1-2nd September
Track from Snaefell
31 Aug - Halslon Dam
1-2 Sept - Modrudalur
3rd September
3 Sept - Myvatn
4th September
Track to Herdubreid
4 Sept - Herdubreid
5th September
Herdubreid and lava fields
5 Sept - Herdubreid
6th September
Askja and Viti
6 Sept - Askja
7th September
Vatnajokull glacier
Breakdown in the snow!
7 Sept - Vatnajokull
8th September
Fixing Moglet
Back to Askja
8 Sept - Askja
9-11th September
Back to Myvatn
9-11 Sept - Myvatn
12th September
Hvererond Mud Pools
13th September
Dettifoss, Selfoss
and Hafragilsfoss
12 Sept - Mud Pools
13 Sept - Dettifoss
14th September
Plane flight from Myvatn
14 Sept - Airplane
15-16th September
Whale watching in Husavik
15-16 Sept - Husavik
17th September
17 Sept - Hvalvik
18th September
Hraunhofn Lighthouse
18 Sept - Hraunhofn
19th September
19 Sept - Asbyrgi
20th September
Husavik Whale Museum
Cheese Tub
20 Sept - Husavik
21-25th September
26th September
21-25 Sept - Akureyri
26 Sept - Olafsfjordur
27th September
Skagi Peninsular and the
Northern Lights!
27 Sept - Skagi Peninsular
28th September
Hvitserkur - Troll Rocks
28 Sept - Hvitserkur
29th Sept - 1st October
Seal Bay
29-30 Sept - Seal Bay
2-5th October
2-5th Oct - Holmavik
6-7th October
6-7 Oct - Isafjordur