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5th September

Much to my surprise, we did actually go for a walk.  Next to the hut and toilets was a small information board which detailed a supposed 40 minute circular walk direct from the car park, passing through lava fields and incorporating a look at some ‘ruins’.  With the sun blazing out, we decided to go for a stroll in the early afternoon and possibly heading off afterwards, depending on how we got on.  I’d spent all morning getting the website up to date (although with no
internet signal here and plans to stay in the highlands for a while yet, I’ve no idea when I’ll get to post the changes), so was in need of some fresh air.

The lava fields were amazing, it really is mind-boggling to think that at one time, everything around us, for as far as the eye could see, used to be molten rock oozing up out of the ground.  The forces that must be at work to make such things happen are really quite incredible - exactly what does it take to turn rock into liquid, and then squoosh it around like so much warm toffee??  And the sheer volume is incredible too, it must have stretched for 20km at least.  Crazy.