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9th September

Next morning there was still plenty of snow around but not much more had fallen.  Still fixed on our plans from yesterday we headed out towards Herdubreid, back along the road that was last covered in corrugations - this time it was covered in snow!  Jason was especially pleased with a deep snow section, managing to get Moglets back end fishtailing a couple of times as we swerved out way down the small hill.  I wish I could convey to him that
sometimes his sense of fun is not the same as mine :-)  We stopped at the bottom of the snowy bit to have a look at the tracks that Moglet had made and take some photos - it's hard to tell from the pictures, but the ruts are a couple of feet deep, and that's only the bottom of the packed snow in the track, not the road itself.
Once we were a few miles away from the Askja range, the snow on the ground started to diminish quite a lot, although it was clear to see that plenty had fallen at higher levels.  We could see Herdubreid, the Queen of the Mountains, in the distance and she had a proper dusting almost all the way down the sides.  Quite a difference from how she looked only a few days ago, on the 5th.
Once out of the snow zone, it was back to the corrugations pretty much all the way back to the main road.  You can kind of see fro the picture above what they’re like, if you haven’t had the pleasure for yourself.  It looks like they should be soft, sandy little bumps that something like Moglet would squish her way through - unfortunately they’re tough little buggers and more resemble concrete than volcanic ash.

We made it back to tarmac eventually though and headed west back to Myvatn for a night or two of hookup and hopefully clothes washing.  On the way through we stopped in the little supermarket for the obligatory hotdog as well as a few supplies, and heading back to Moglet we were treated to one of the most amazing sunsets either one of us has seen in a very long time.
In the end, we stayed for three nights in the Hlid campsite in Myvatn, catching up on the washing as well as having a little look around town.  We also have a daily fight against our Kindle addictions, which mostly we loose, so when the weather gets a bit crap, we both stick our noses in a ‘book’ and loose more hours than is probably sensible.  We’re not the speediest of travellers at the best of times, and the Kindles are making things so much worse!  Still, it is lovely to have lots to read, and the 3G access seems to work pretty well in most locations - it didn’t work in France, Germany, Belgium or Denmark, but parked up in the wilds of Iceland I can check my emails, no worries!