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easy to delay the departure by a day or two, despite us both knowing that we were shooting ourselves in the foot by doing so. Missing the ferry just because we couldn’t be bothered to get up early enough wasn’t an option though (2,500euros thrown away for a few lie-Ins!), so the later we left, the longer the remaining driving days were going to be.


But the 14th arrived and we knew we really shouldn't delay any longer.  By midday we were off and as ever, it felt really good to be on the road.  The first couple of days we didn’t travel as far as perhaps we should have, but it’d been a long time since we’d covered any miles on an autoroute, and that kind of mindless monotony takes it's toll on your ability to concentrate as much as anything else.











This morning we had bacon rolls for breakfast (not allowed to take fresh meat products to the Faroes) and headed off to the ferry port nice and early.  It's almost like we’ve turned into pod-people, all this arriving on time and getting to places earlier than we need to! We even arrived so early this morning that check in wasn’t open for another half hour, so we waited in line (second in line, to be precise!).  

Jason was very excited for about half an hour as we watched the vehicles coming off the ferry from Iceland so that we could board it - a hell of a lot of 4x4’s and off roaders, not only the usual round of Landies but also huge trucks and synchros and even a Pinzgauer or two.  Naturally he took lots of pictures as well as an almost constant video stream... :-)

Once on board and room investigated (bunk bed styles not quite like the picture and you have to pay £3 extra for a second pillow!), we sat out on deck in the sunshine and watched as we pulled out of the port and into the open North Sea.  Wrinkle stayed in the cabin to look out for whales and make a start on campsite research.  As you can see from the picture, he’s already kitted out in his winter hat, in anticipation of lower temperatures...
Sticking to the autoroutes keeps things simple, although Moglet gets charged more than a car so the numbers start to add up.  Plus the cost of fuel/sandwiches etc is much more than if you’re on the national roads, but with the timeframes as tight as they were, we didn’t really have a chance to wander more leisurely through the countryside.  Maybe on the way back...

After a couple of days on the road we eventually we made it to the Belgian border, and although it was nice to not have to pay tolls any more, the quality of the roads took a proper nosedive.  Such a teeny country though that we had popped out the other side in just a few small hours.  Overriding impressions were it looks like a very pretty countryside, lots of greenery, but they need to smooth out the surfaces a bit so that travelling through it becomes a little more pleasant.

Next up was Germany - and if my one recollection of Belgium was the crappy road surface, my first impression of Germany was what fantastic toilets they have in the services!  70cents to get in, 50cents comes back to you as a voucher to spend in the shop, but worth every penny in my opinion.  Each seat had a little automated chappy that popped out when you pushed the button and it squirted the seat with some kind of cleaner, and while it was doing it's squirting, the seat itself rotated 360degrees like it was on a turntable!  So there you have a nice clean seat all ready to use! Essentially of course it's just a toilet, but little things like spacious cubicles, nice loo paper, even ceramic loo brush holder and brushed steel fittings, made it all feel more like a hotel that an autoroute service station.

Then of course they have much better roads, and pretty much all the services we stopped in had air and water facilities for the camper as well as somewhere for campers to empty tanks.
20th August - The Ferry Leaving Denmark

I can't believe we actually made it to Hirtshals, and even got there in good time yesterday evening.  After a quick stop in an Aldi to get a few drinks and munchies, we followed signs to a campsite that wasn’t in any of the guidebooks we had, but was only a couple of kilometres from the port.  After seeing they were a long way from full, Jason checked they had washing machines (two! :-)) and then checked us in for the night. We had a busy evening getting two loads of washing through the system as well as mostly packing our bag for the ferry (on the boat from early afternoon until the following evening), and eating a slightly random dinner of bits and bobs from the fridge which needed to be used up.

The wind was blowing fairly constantly but as the sun went down the clouds turned an amazing array of reds and oranges and we pootled over to the waters edge to get a couple of photos while it lasted.  But it was too damn chilly to linger for long (it's been quite a while since were cold!) so we showered and turned in for an early night.
14-19th August - From France to Denmark

Leaving mum and dads in France, we knew we had a journey on our hands to drive Moglet just over 2000km in less than a week.  We can only do 55mph as a maximum, and travelling a little slower if possible is more comfortable. With a week of autoroutes and service stations to look forward to, it was