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17th September

Washing backlog cleared and local cake offerings fully investigated, it was once again time to move on.  We’d decided to head generally north and then over to the east, getting up onto the coast road and then following it around for a bit.

Not long out of Husavik we had to stop in the road and turn off Moglet - too
Once they’d finished scampering past Moglet we were back on our way up the coast, no real destination in mind other than somewhere nice to stop for the evening.  And we ended up somewhere rather pleasant - the parking space by the side of the road a little way north of Kopasker, in a bay called Hvalvik, might not look like much, but the view from the window was something to put a smile on your face at the end of the day...
After walking up and down the beach for an hour or so, we decided to follow the coast around a bit further to see what we could see.  Mostly it turned out to be a few sheep and a lot more seaweed, which Jason was happy to explore and I was happy not to :-) (the seaweed, not the sheep!)
By this point it was getting late so we made our way back to Moglet.  The sunshine was lovely and we were both in short sleeves on the beach for a while, but as soon as the sun goes down or you get exposed to the wind, things aren’t so toasty anymore - and without hookup, it's always a good plan to get into Moglet and get the dinner done before it gets too dark, so we don't need to use the lights and therefore the power they draw (albeit minimal).  The solar panels do their best, but heading towards an Arctic winter there's not many hours of sunshine, and what there is doesn't get right overhead, so the panels on the roof don't get a chance to work at their best.  Plus the heat generated by cooking warms Moglet up enough so it's warm enough to be comfortable for a while before crawling under a nice warm duvet for the night.