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18th September

We had a lovely lazy start to the day, the sunshine of yesterday giving way to murky fog and drizzle - perfect weather for staying inside in the warm.  We couldn’t stay where we were though, so eventually we carried on with our journey along the coast road, stopping at a place called Hraunhofn.  When we initially saw it on the map, it looked like a dead end track with a lighthouse at the end - one of our favourite places to have a lookey for somewhere to stay
for the night.  Lighthouses are usually unmanned, and generally have at the very least an access road for maintenance vehicles, and consequently an area large enough to turn around once you get there, so often it turns into a nice secluded spot with plenty of parking space for the night.  Not this time though - the ‘road’ was atrocious for driving along, more like a harbour defence wall.  We gave up crawling along in Moglet in the end, worried that we’d run out of daylight before we had the time to get there and back.  We pulled over in case anyone else wanted to get up the track (!) and carried on by foot.

Despite the lack of sunshine, it was actually a nice afternoon for a walk.  The pebbly road was just as wobbly to walk on as it was to drive so we had to take it slow (or I did, anyway!), but after a kilometre or so we found ourselves at the end.  As the information board at the start of the track said, the location was close to as far north as you can get in Iceland - only 3km shy of the Arctic Circle. The wind was pretty chilly as a consequence, but the remains of turf dwellings show that the naturally protected harbour has been deemed a viable place to live for some time.  The lighthouse has been around for slightly less time than the house remains, and was unmanned.

After having a little explore around we made our way back along the stone road to Moglet.  The sun hadn’t really come out all day, but it was getting on for 7pm and we needed to find ourselves a place to stop for the night.  As far as we were aware there weren’t any campsites to head to, so we headed on along track roads until we found a gravel area that was in a bit of a depression, in an attempt to get as much out of the wind as possible - Moglet is pretty good at keeping her heat in, but there's nothing that makes you feel chilly better than a cold breeze, and Iceland does a great line in cold breezes!