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21st September

Feeling nicely chilled out, we decided to head on over to Akureyri anyway, as it wasn’t that far of a drive.  Our guidebook said there was a campsite in the middle of town, so we trucked on over there only to find the campsite closed, all windows boarded up, tap heads removed and waste dumping pipe capped off and padlocked! Definitely the most closed up place we’d been too.  Unfortunately by the time we arrived there it was getting to be too late in
the day to do much about it so we decided to essentially park on the driveway and see about moving on the next day - an afternoon in the Cheese Tub may have been relaxing, but it had knocked us both out and all we wanted to do was sleep.

Next morning we awoke to yet more lovely sunshine so set off down into the town to hunt up the Tourist Info office and ask them if they knew why the campsite was shut when the guidebook said it should be open for another couple of weeks yet, and if they had any alternative suggestions.  We also had a wander around the town itself, taking in the local sights...
The people in the Tourist Information Centre were very helpful, even calling the campsite owner to ask for his comments - seems like the campsite hasn't opened this late in the season for the last 20years, so the guidebook is very wrong!  He wasn’t willing to open the site for us, but instead directed us to his alternative site, about 4km out of town.  By his comments, it was a much better site, better facilities and open all year.  He also said the magic words ‘washing machine’, so that was me convinced!

We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering the town, drinking coffee and hot chocolate, wandering the shops and looking at cinema listings.  I was also relieved to get my watch battery replaced, which had died on me a few days back and left me feeling strangely lost without it working.

As promised the campsite out of town was a much better place, although it was a shame it wasn’t within walking distance of the town.  We found ourselves a nice spot for a couple of days, settled down and once again got stuck in with the washing.

We dragged ourselves out of a lazy stupor here and there to drive down into the town to hunt out the Chinese and the Indian places we’d read about, as well as watch a film or two, but in most respects it was a very relaxing not much happening kind of few days.  Very nice.

One thing to mention though was we finally met Jasons new friend, Hallur.  They started chatting via the Motorhome Facts website once we knew were coming to Iceland, and he’s been a great source of information to us ever since.  He apparently happened to be in the bookshop in town at the same time as us, thought he recognised Jason and so decided to stalk us once we left the shop and followed us back to Moglet! :-)  Once he was certain who we were, he introduced himself and we had a good chat about all sort.  Very good to finally meet the chap who’d been so helpful to us for the last few months.

But after a few days we decided that enough was enough and it was time to move on.  I’d been trying for over a week to get in contact with the people at Smyril Line, the ferry company, and see if our ticket could be amended so we could stay in Iceland a little longer, but they weren't getting back to me.  So in case they eventually said No, we had to get a bit of a wiggle on or we wouldn’t get to see half the things we wanted to.