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26th September

Finally, I heard from Smyril Line!  It had taken over a week of badgering emails and failed real-time WebChats to get through to someone helpful, but eventually we got a real human being and she changed our booking from a return date of 5th October to the 26th October - the very last ferry of the year! It only cost us an admin fee to make the change, and gives us loads more breathing space to see more of Iceland.
There is of course the minor niggling concern that if we miss this ferry then we’re here until who knows when next year, but I’m sure it won't come to that :-)  We plan on being at the ferry port a good couple of days beforehand so fingers crossed it’ll all turn out ok.

With our newfound freedom to travel more, we decided to carry on with the original plan and see how much of the coast we could continue to travel.  Although it was quite late in the day by the time we left Akureyri after we’d dragged our lazy backsides out of bed, filled the water tank and done some shopping, the sun was still shining and the clouds were doing spooky looking things on the water.

Once again we didn’t have any real destination in mind, other than a general direction of ‘west’ so when we spotted a layby near Olafsfjordur with great views, we pulled in to it for the night.   We knew we weren’t going to make any campsite before dark, so we decided to resign ourselves to our fate of a possibly chilly night and enjoy the views while we could.