Moglet in

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28th September

The track carried on around the peninsular, and the weather carried on in much the same fashion.  The rain and mud combined were making a lovely mess of Moglet, but we hoped that with enough rain during our stop, the mud would all be washed away :-)

We spotted another one of the ‘Historic Site’ signs and decided to follow it
and see where it led.  This one took us to a car park with a picnic bench and rubbish bin, plus another sign and a clearly marked footpath heading off to the nearby cliff - all very promising!  Turns out we’d pulled up to have a look at some Troll rocks, although squint as much as I liked, I couldnt see the resemblance.
Jason went for a scramble down the cliffs to walk on the beach and get a closer look and better photos, and I stayed up on the decking platform that someone had been thoughtful enough to put up.  As well as me peering down at him, Jason also had a watcher from the water, come to see what company had just arrived...

Back at Moglet, with the wind picking up and the rain persisting in falling, we decided to sit tight for the night and move on up the coast tomorrow.